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Become a #ProTekAmbassador and save 25% off everything you purchase!

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You already share your love of sustainable living on social media! Keep doing what you always do and save 25% of your every Pro-Tek™ purchase.

What do #ProtekAmbassadors Do?

Once a month, you’ll receive a FREE social media kit to share with your friends: images, links and talking points all about earth-friendly living. By sharing, you’ll be spreading the word about how easy it is to adopt small, sustainable practices with big impacts on our planet. For example, did you know if every household in America bought just one gallon of earth-friendly Pro-Tek™ Cleaner, we could save 5 billion plastic bottles from the landfill? Wow! That’s a small change with a huge impact.

Ambassadors get great perks, too! You’ll receive exclusive, money-saving offers available only to Ambassadors! You’ll get first dibs on new programs like America’s Most Committed Reuse and Refill program, and we’ll take your advice on how to improve. Or tell us which artwork you like better on a label, and we’ll use it! We have lots of new ideas, and your feedback helps us decide which way to go! 

How To Become a #ProTekAmbassador

Fill out this quick application. If you’re approved, we’ll welcome you with a FREE reusable spray bottle.

Pro-Tek Ambassador Application

Apply to become a #ProTekAmbassador. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive a FREE reusable spray bottle and save 25% off everything you purchase!

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