And that’s no hot air.

Pro-Tek Chemical™ has long been aware of the need for less plastic in the environment. Everybody sees it…blowing down the street, floating through the water. Single use and RTU (ready-to-use) plastic waste is everywhere and has been getting worse over the decades.


According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, toxins from plastic cause cancer along with a host of other nasty health problems.

Pro-Tek™ has never sold RTU plastic products. With your first purchase of Pro-Tek™ Cleaner, you receive a reusable spray bottle and instructions on how to dilute this full-strength, concentrated, BIODEGRADABLE, earth-friendly de-greaser to clean just about anything. One full-strength gallon makes about 40 pint bottles of cleaner at 3-to-1 mix (plenty strong). That’s 40 spray bottles you’re keeping out of our environment.

There is no need to purchase extra tablets or plastic wrapped “pods” in order to continue having cleaner. No subscriptions and no after-market purchase programs. One full-strength gallon will last you a year!

Even though we’ve always been a leader in reducing plastic waste, at Pro-tek™ we want to do more.

Our bottles are plastic, but they are reusable for as long as we live and then some. Pro-Tek Products™ has turned this to our advantage and created a “RECYCLE AND REUSE” PROGRAM. No other producer/blender offers such a committed program. Send back the empty gallon (paid by Pro-tek™ standard rate). We will refill or replace the gallon at a reduced re-order price and return it to you with FREE shipping in the continental USA.

There are too many horrific incidences of mass quantities of plastics polluting oceans and rivers. According to the ASEAN Post, over 100 million marine animals die from plastic waste poisoning every year. We have to limit our contribution to this mess. We are soon attempting conversation to metal cans and are always seeking other alternatives. We will let our customers know asap and the decision of our 1% pro-environment benefactor soonHere at Pro-Tek™ we know you are committed to a healthy planet. We are, too. Buy Pro-Tek™ and we’ve got you covered.

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