Flying stained glass windows. That what I used to think monarch butterflies were when I was a child. Last year I was devastated to learn pesticides and habitat loss had driven monarchs to the brink of extinction. Could it be possible that my future grandkids would only know butterflies as mythical creatures like dragons and fairies? Seriously?

The news was alarming enough that people all over the country banned together to help. The result? Let’s say we can be cautiously optimistic. But here is still much to do.

More butterflies are counted in California this year, but compared to years before, numbers are still very low.

Butterflies are more than just eye candy; they are vital to human survival. Here are four very good reasons for making sure their numbers stay in the tens of thousands.

Have you been lucky enough to see a butterfly in your backyard? Here’s how to identify it.

Pro-Tek is tough on dirt and 100% butterfly safe.

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