This is what to do.

Just when you thought you’d cleaned and disinfected every surface you can think of, the one spot you probably missed is the leading accumulator of household and industrial germs: grout. Grout in entryways collects bacteria, fungus and viruses–including COVD–through the front door, and grout in bathrooms is even more disgusting, catching everything that escapes when flushing. Yeah, nasty.

Eco-friendly Pro-Tek™  and a cleaning brush is the perfect way to clean grout on walls and floors in entryways and bathrooms. Follow up with your favorite disinfectant spray to kill COVID. You’ll breathe easy knowing your home or office is germ-free.

Want to know more? Here are the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your home or office.

The perfect cleaning kit for grout. Pop it in your cart now.

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