The dining table and chairs are the heart of the home. Spotless likes to hang out under my table and help tidy up scraps! I’m willing to bet the dining table is a hub for family meals, conversations, craft projects, game nights, and gatherings with friends at your home, too! Not to mention…THANKSGIVING!!! 

Over time, the dining table and chairs can get pretty yucky with dust, stains, glitter glue, and food grime. It’s time to get your table Thanksgiving ready. November is Eco-clean Your Dining Table month! In this guide, Spotless and I will take you step-by-step to bringing your dining table and chairs back to their original luster, so you can serve your organic, free range turkey with extra pride. 

Plus, I’ll give you my secrets for keeping your dining looking amazing all year round.

What You’ll Need

Before you start, gather the following materials:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Pro-Tek™ spray bottle – FREE with your purchase!
  • Pro-Tek™ Cherry, Pro-Tek™ Lemon, or EcoOrange™ (Pick your favorite scent!)
    Eco-friendly wood polish (for wooden furniture)
  • Soft brush or toothbrush
  • Old newspapers (for protecting the floor)

Step 1: Preparation

Begin by clearing the dining table and chairs. It’ll be a lot easier to do your job if you’re not working around placemats, dishes, decorations, salt-n-pepper shakers, or coats on the chairs. 

Place old newspapers on the floor around the table to catch any drips.

Step 2: Dry Dusting

Use a dry microfiber cloth–no polish–to dust the table and chairs. The goal is to remove loose crumbs and particles so they don’t just get redistributed or scratch surfaces. Don’t forget crevices, edges, and corners. Anywhere pesky dirt can hide.

Step 3: Removing Stains

Blobs of glue? Dried on jack-o-lantern guts? Eco-friendly Pro-Tek™ will clean you right up! First, do you have a wooden or tile top table? It’ll make a difference in the dilution you need.

For Wooden Tables & Chairs

Make a 20:1 dilution of Pro-Tek™ by following the measuring lines on your Pro-Tek™ spray bottle. Pour in .75 ounces Cherry, Lemon or Eco-Orange. Fill the rest of the bottle with clean water. For larger or smaller bottles, use this easy dilution chart.

For Tile Top or Acrylic Tables & Chairs

Make a 10:1 dilution of Pro-Tek™ by following the measuring lines on your Pro-Tek™ spray bottle. Pour in 1.75 ounces Cherry, Lemon or Eco-Orange. Fill the rest of the bottle with clean water. For larger or smaller bottles, use this easy dilution chart.

Spray stubborn stains with Pro-Tek™ and wait about 15 minutes. This is something I love about Pro-Tek™! The enzymatic formula eats up stains while you do something fun. Walk your dog. Make your Christmas list. Luxuriate in your favorite winter reading book!  

If your stains are stubborn old things (like, from LAST Thanksgiving…), you may need to employ a bit of elbow grease and a soft brush. Reapply Pro-Tek™ if needed. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth in warm water and pat dry.

Step 4: Upholstery Care (For Fabric Chairs)

For fabric upholstery on dining chairs, vacuum any loose dirt or crumbs. Use a 10:1 dilution. Pro-Tek™ is safe for fabrics, but to be sure, always test a small, inconspicuous area first. Spray upholstery and wipe clean with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, spray and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry with a clean cloth. 

Step 5: Polishing (For Wooden Furniture)

There’s nothing like wood polish to restore shine, and I just love the smell of beeswax polish! It really adds something special to your dining table. And, it keeps bees employed! Apply a small amount onto a cloth and rub it in a circular motion, following the grain of the wood. Buff with a clean, dry cloth for a glossy finish. Hand my shades, please, Spotless. Looky that shine!

Step 6: Final Touches

Finally, inspect your dining table for any missed spots or streaks. Touch up as necessary. Toss the newspapers into recycling. Allow everything to air dry completely before putting placements and decorations back on the table. Oh, man, I want to have a holiday meal with you at THAT gorgeous table! Well done!

Maintaining a Clean Dining Table all Year Long: Secret Tips from Clara 

  • After every meal, clear the table and give it a quick wipe down with a soapy damp dishcloth. Food won’t have a chance to get hard and crusty or leave a stain.
  • Keep your table covered with a beautiful recycled tablecloth! Tablecloths catch spills and crumbs so you don’t have to wipe the table. They add a festive flair, too. Use Earth Breeze to wash them every week.
  • Before you recycle all your newspaper, save some just for covering the table for craft projects. Bonus? It’s fun to read the news from weeks or months ago!

Need Help? 

Have a question about cleaning your dining table? Our friendly Pro-Tek™ Clean Team is here to help! Give us a call toll-free at 888.776.8351.

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