ProTek’s Green Cleaning Products are flexible enough to use in the home as well as outside. Whether you’re getting the grill ready for cookouts, cleaning up your home’s exterior siding, or doing a thorough cleaning inside, ProTek’s All Purpose Green Cleaner has you covered.

Springtime often excites us with fresh starts. Trees budding, flowers blooming, and the need to get everything fresh and new in and around your home. The term “green” when referring to a lifestyle or cleaning has gained a lot of buzz. As we gain more understanding, responsible home owners have been making the switch from supermarket brands to more sustainable and ecofriendly options. So, as this new spring season sets in, you can be sure of the green cleaning options ProTek provides will fit that bill.

Over the last decade, we have offered “Green” and “Green Friendly” alternatives along with our other chemical products. Products you get are provided to you in recyclable containers, allowing you to lower your carbon footprint. Our All-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful option that can aid in a variety of situations. Hosting a cookout? You need to get that grill gleaming with the assurance that the cleanser is safe to use.

Want to be sure the cleansers you are using are safe for your pets? Caring for these lovable members of the family is a major priority for many of us, even when they give us extra reasons to clean. Our Enzyme Based products are perfect for those pet stains you need to remove this season. Our version is a 4-strain biological organism that removes stains and odors with active bacteria. Safe for your carpet as well as your pets.

The exterior of our home is what we pride ourselves on and having a clean, fresh face ups our curb appeal. The winter months can leave a variety of residues on our home’s siding. Getting it safely cleaned, with eco-friendly, green products is where ProTek shines. Artillery fungus and dirt and grime can all be erased with our reliable All-Purpose cleaner.

You can rely on us for all of your cleaning needs this season, and every season. Be sure to check out our regular specials for extra savings and tips for using our products around your home or business.

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