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Pro-Tek is a concentrate. What does that mean?

Simply put, it means you get a whole lot of cleaner in one bottle or jug. A concentrate is something that must be diluted. For Pro-Tek, water is needed to activate the product. Your bottle or jug of Pro-Tek came with dilution directions on the label. For example, when cleaning kitchen countertops, you would use 1 part Pro-Tek cleaner and mix with 10 parts water. We recommend you purchase a cheap spray bottle, use a Sharpie to label it, and make your Pro-Tek mixture. So a 1 gallon container will make 11 gallons of strong concentrate.

What does it mean that Pro-Tek is biodegradable?

It means that the solution will breakdown in the environment and convert to elements typically found in nature. Pro-tek cleaner is a readily biodegradable liquid product and even more so diluted.

What are the main ingredients in Pro-Tek?

Without getting too scientific and throwing down some big words that are hard to pronounce, Pro-Tek contains . On this web site you will find a link for the SDS (safety data sheet) It will list the surfactants and the meta-silicate as well as the Anhydrous products in the blend.

What it DOESN’T contain — SLS, glycols, dyes, phosphates, dioxane, caustics, chlorine, DEA or formaldehyde, acids.

Pro-Tek is safe and acutely non-toxic for you and your family. ( see page 7 of the SDS )

Where is Pro-Tek made?

Right here in the good-ol’ USA — Colorado and Idaho, specifically. It’s been that way for more than 25 years.

Has Pro-Tek ever been tested on animals?

Never, ever, ever, ever.

What a reprehensible notion that folks in the cleaning products industry feel that animal testing is necessary to make a quality product. Our products are PETA approved!

Is Pro-Tek available at retail stores?

No, it’s not.

We sell it door to door , direct sales exclusively. We have over the years seen that in home consumers  are savvy, smart,  and this is the best way to see the product work with a demonstration directly on the item to be cleaned. All direct salespeople have been background checked and have daily training  sales and experience from hundreds of unique situations..everybody has cleaning needs and we are out to find them.!!

It is common to see a business customer that will buy cases of the product for their store and then re-sell some, lots of motorcycle and janitorial shops.

The bottle Pro-Tek cleaner I ordered did not come with a heat foil seal. Instead it had a red plastic cup in the top of the bottle – almost like the seal was removed. Is this proper packaging?

That “red plastic cup” in the top of the bottle is called a cap-plug. We place it in there for added spill protection during shipping. If the aluminum foil heat-seal cover is missing, that is because we tore it off when we received it from our bottler as it was likely not adhering properly. This happens in about 1 out of 100 bottles. We open each bottle we receive from our bottler and test each aluminum seal. If it appears breached, we remove it entirely and add a cap-plug. The cleaning product has not been tampered with.

We bottle our proprietary formula in Denver and Idaho. When it is freighted by truck to us, it travels over the Rocky Mountains at high elevations (9,000’+) to our locations throughout the USA and Canada . Going over the mountains causes pressure changes and expansion of the bottles. Sometimes that expansion causes the heat seal to break. That’s why we quality check each bottle before sending it out to the sales reps to sell or for our re-order customers.


Is Pro-Tek safe to use around children?

Absolutely. Pro-Tek contains no toxins, no solvents, no bleach, no acids, no ammonia and no unnatural chemicals. It does not “off-gas” or leave a dangerous odor in the air, nor does it leave any harmful residues and films. Pro-Tek (regular) is a proprietary formula containing no buytl, but  quality  surfactants, which is a fancy word for soap.

Is Pro-Tek safe to use around pets?

Pro-Tek is safe for pets and on surfaces with which your pets may come in contact. If Pro-Tek comes in contact with your pets’ fur or skin, as a precaution you should gently wipe or rinse it off with water. Although fairly harmless to consume ,chemicals are chemicals and drinking it is not recommended , if that does happen have them drink water and put them out of the house for a while as there will be movement ( bowel).

Is Pro-Tek cleaner safe to ingest?

Back in the day, many of our door-to-door demonstrators were known to drink Pro-Tek to prove that it is non-toxic and all-natural. But it still has soap, and that can be a tummy irritant, not to mention taste nasty. With that said:

Do not ingest any cleaning product. Period

Do not spray in anybody or anythings Eyes. PERIOD

If someone were to swallow our Pro-Tek concentrate, drink a glass of milk or water and contact the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ 24-hour hotline at (800) 222-1222.

Even non-toxic ingredients may be harmful if swallowed. That’s why we have a child-proof twist cap on our product. Please keep Pro-Tek out of reach from children.

Is Pro-Tek safe for septic tanks?

Yes. Pro-Tek cleaner does not contain phosphates, hydrocarbons . It is 100% biodegradable and safe for septic and gray water tanks. There is no formaldehyde in this product.. It is NOT flammable and is not combustible.


Does this work on stubborn patio umbrella mildew and stains; if so, at what concentration?

Start with 10:1 — go big at 5:1 if it’s super stubborn. Use it with an abrasive of some sort; one that is not colored so as not rub off on the umbrella. When you get stain and mildew on canvas that’s cooked in the sun for a long time, it can be a beast to remove. The struggle is real! We find the ( white colored) scotchbrite product to be the best as it wont scratch.

Is Pro-Tek safe for natural stone?

Yes it is, as long as the natural stone, such as marble, has been properly sealed.

Start in a inconspicuous spot to test if your not sure about it being sealed, let it dry after wiping if it’s not sealed it will soak in and leave a mark. Don’t want that !!

Does Pro-Tek work on artillery (shotgun) fungus?

Yes, Pro-Tek cleaner can be used to remove most spores, molds and fungi. We recommend a 20:1 ratio but can be increased as needed. If it is on concrete , which it is a lot , a nylon/wire brush will help eliminate residue.

Is Pro-Tek safe to use in carpet cleaning or floor scrubbing type machines?

Pro-Tek is absolutely safe in carpet cleaning machines. Just make sure to dilute with water AND clean/rinse out the reservoir(s) when you’re done with the job. Never let any cleaning product whether it’s Pro-Tek or not sit in those machines for long periods between usage.

Does Pro-Tek work in cleaning ovens?

Yes it does. Mix a 5:1 (5 parts water, 1 part Pro-Tek) solution. Spray it on the dirty surface. Soak it real good. Turn the oven on low 200-250 degrees F, and let it warm up  for a bit, but not evaporate. If you have years of grime, we recommend using some sort of scrubbie or Magic Erase sponge and rub in a circular motion only putting as much pressure as needed. Again Pro-Tek cleaner has no acid’s in it so the more “dwell” time the better. Applying to a sponge can be helpful as 3 side to a oven are vertical and this makes it difficult to stay in patient and don’t get it to hot!!

Can you use Pro-Tek on clothing to pre-treat stains?

Absolutely. We recommend starting with a 10:1 ratio and do a small test area. Spray it on the area and lightly scrub or rub. Only scrub as hard as you need to so as not to remove the color from the garment. Pre-treat the area immediately for best results. It works great on oil, dirt and food and grass stains and blood, any ability to allow to soak a bit is helpful as well.

How about Pro-Tek cleaner for termite/fire ant deterrence around my home’s perimeter?

We don’t typically advertise PRO-TEK cleaner as a deterrence for termites or fire ants, and especially something as serious as termites. We don’t want to be responsible if PRO-TEK cleaner lets a few critters through. That would hang heavy on our conscience.

That said, to repel them spray a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part Pro-Tek cleaner  around your perimeter – the product will kill them but has no residual value , so relatives will return.

Can you use Pro-Tek in dishwashers?

YES, as in it won’t hurt the dishwasher in any way. But, NO, we don’t recommend it for these reasons:

1.) Pro-Tek is a concentrated liquid and it can’t be properly diluted as required because dishwashers release all of the “chambered” detergent at one time.

2.) Dishwasher liquid soap has added viscosity properties in the blend, so it is designed to lather and give it the ability to “dwell” (linger, hang) on dishes before being rinsed away. Pro-Tek Concentrate is not thick, aka viscous.

3.) Pro-Tek is not cost effective to use in a dishwasher… BUT if you want to pre-soak something in a 10:1 Pro-Tek solution? Now you’re talking MAGIC.

To boost scent, can I add essential oils to Pro-Tek without harm or reducing effectiveness?

YES! YES! YES! …. and YES.

Add to your heart’s (and nose’s) content.

What surfaces can you use Pro-Tek on?

Any water-safe surface you can think of: Cloth, canvas, countertops, fiberglass, chrome, plastic, leather, wood floor, vinyl, glass, windows, marble (sealed), grills, ovens, stoves, painted surfaces, carpet, concrete, linoleum, tile. The list is endless.

Make sure you follow the proper dilution recommendations on the label. Never apply Pro-Tek as a straight concentrate. It must be activated by water.

What CAN’T you use Pro-Tek on?

Remember the three “S’s” — Suede, Silk and Satin.  Please do not use Pro-Tek cleaner on these materials … or you’re gonna have a bad day !!

How does Pro-Tek work on stains?

Check out our videos above as we demonstrate its power on stubborn stains. Pro-Tek works on stains caused by alcohol, blood, wine, pets, grass, grape, grease, ink, nicotine and more.

Consider the surface that the stain is on and follow the proper dilution requirement. For stubborn stains, we recommend you spray the surface, be it the carpet or clothing, and let sit before blotting or rinsing it out. Never rub the stain as you may break down the fibers.

Also, always check for colorfastness before using Pro-Tek to make sure dyed in colors won’t fade or wash out. We recommend testing an inconspicuous spot. Spray some Pro-Tek cleaner and blot at it to see if any color lifts. There are some dyes in the newer rugs that are very unstable and poor quality and they will fade..Inconspicuous is the key word.

What’s the best way to use Pro-Tek on lime scale?

Lime scale, also known as hard water stains, is probably one of the most toughest jobs for any cleaner. Lime scale happens, for example, when the accumulated water after a shower evaporates and leaves behind natural deposits like minerals on a glass shower door. Soap scum then attaches to it and the problem becomes exacerbated. 

Up the potency to 1 part Pro-Tek to 5 parts water. Next go buy an abrasive (even Pro-Tek needs a little help sometimes). We recommend super-fine grade steel wool #0000. You can find it at most hardware stores like Home Depot. Spray Pro-Tek on the area, let it soak in and GENTLY scrub with the wool. Only go as hard as you need to and watch for potential scratching. It is an abrasive so go easy with the elbow grease.

Because Pro-Tek is all-natural, there are no caustic chemicals to burn through the lime scale. We think that’s a good thing. Caustic chemicals like ammonia or Lime Away have VOCs and off-gassing, though they will eat through certain stains. In summation, on certain jobs ,Pro-Tek cleaner needs a little help in the form of an abrasive (green(abrasive)/white( non-abrasive) scrubby, steel wool, Magic Erase sponge) to increase its effectiveness while still keeping your family and surfaces safe.

Is Pro-Tek safe for real hardwood floors?

Yes, it is safe on surface-sealed wood floors, which are stain and water-damage resistant. By surface-sealed, we mean wood floors that are sealed with urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic.

We recommend a 25:1 ratio (25 parts water, 1 part Pro-Tek). In this case, a little Pro-Tek goes a long way.

Sweep the floor. Use a soft mop and dip into the Pro-Tek mixture; wring it out and mop in the direction of the wood grain. Make sure the mop is damp not drenched. We recommend you go back over your floor with clean water to rinse, but it’s not necessary.

If it is a pet issue or other varmint, mouse,rat,bird or bat …. please consider Clean-Zyme enzyme based cleaner. It will clean super effectively and it is loaded with  enzymes that will eat up the residue of feces and eliminate the odor from urine and feces that get through the cracks and down into the pad of carpets, or anywhere..Love the pets but sometimes they got to go.  (BATHROOM)

Can you use Pro-Tek on laminate floors?

Yes. For normal dirt and scuffs, use a dilution of 10:1 – which is 10 parts water and 1 part Pro-Tek.

10:1 is an easy mix in a pint bottle, which is 16 ounces, since it’s 1 ounce cleaner and fill the rest of the bottle with water. (You can use warm-to-hot water if you want to give the solution a little more cleaning power, the natural way.)

How do I remove tree sap from a granite walkway?

First, is the granite “sealed”? If yes, then here’s what you do:

Grab a 16-ounce (pint) empty spray bottle. Add 3 ounces of Pro-Tek. Fill the rest with warm or even hot water. Spray on the area nice and good. Let it soak for a minute or two, and wipe. That should get the job done. As you already know, please don’t use a scrubbie pad or any abrasive on that beautiful granite.

Will Eco Orange kill fire ants?


Is Pro-Tek safe to use on leather couches?

Leather is iffy. We’ve tested in on different leather surfaces and in some cases, it’s been fine. The issue is that some leather dye used is weak and will bleach out when cleaned with Pro-Tek. What we tell our customers with regards to leather is pre-test it in an inconspicuous spot, like an underside cushion, at a 15:1 concentration.

We are really risk-averse here at Pro-Tek, so we’d probably error on the side of safety and say NO, don’t use Pro-tek on that beautiful leather couch.

One final friendly reminder: Never use Pro-Tek on silk, satin or suede – the 3 S’s.

Does Pro-Tek remove rust stains?

Yes it does.

Set-in stains in clothing are challenging for any cleaner. On concrete, it depends on how porous the surface is. If the rust has gone down and embedded itself in the cracks, it will need Pro-Tek cleaner (5:1 ratio) and a steel brush, and some dwell time.

For most other surface rust, use Pro_Tek with confidence.

Rust on carpet is easy or tough, if it was a liquid that caused the rust , a heat transfer may be best .

HEAT TRANSFER ..on heavily soiled or stained carpet such as red kool-aid ,wine,grape juice,rust ; soak are with a 3-1 dilution , cover with a clean terry cloth towel, then heat an iron to setting 5 or steam or the wool setting. Apply gently for 30 seconds until the stain is absorbed into the towel. This may take 2 times , obviously be careful not to burn the carpet.

On carpet as the moisture evaporates the remnants of the stain will reappear as the stain in the pad and bottom fibers flows up. Re-do the procedure above..yeeha

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