Camping season is nearly here! Here’s how to clean the awning on your RV for the perfect coffee and sunrise moment.

You load up with your own sheets, your own food, and all your own toys. Then you hit the road to some heavenly spot, dreaming of coffee and the sunrise under your awning. You light the fire, unfold your chairs, pop out your awning and—mildew? Aw, maaaaaaaaan. Just when your getaway seemed so perfect. With RV season just around the corner, now’s the time to plan for that heavenly moment under the awning. You already have the coffee. Here’s how to clean the awning, without bleach or toxic chemicals. Mildew-free and smelling fresh.

The Magic Solution

You’ll need:
Pro-Tek Cherry, Lemon, Eco-Orange, or if your awning is really mildewy, use Heavy Duty (HD)
Spray bottle (included in your Pro-Tek purchase, with our compliments!)
Extendable handle brush

Now, Do This

  1. Pro-Tek’s eco-friendly formula is super concentrated. That’s how a gallon can last for six months. For the awning, mix a solution of 10:1 with Pro-Tek Cherry, Lemon, Eco-Orange, or if your awning is really mildewy, Heavy Duty (HD) . Your Pro-Tek spray bottle has the handy markings to make dilutions easy.

2. Next, fully extend your awning, but don’t raise it, so you can reach it. Saturate the front and back with your Pro-Tek solution. Let it sit for a few minutes while you enjoy the fresh fruity scent.

3. Now, use your extendable handle brush to scrub the awning clean. It’s that easy.

A Word About Brushes

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about which brush to use. As with all cleaning products, we recommend purchasing the highest quality you can afford–it’ll make cleaning more fun (cleaning CAN be fun), last you longer, and do a better job. When purchasing a brush, make sure it extends as far as you need, is lightweight, and has reliable locking mechanisms. Customer reviews are a great guide!


Take before and after pics and upload them to our Facebook page with #awningchallenge! We want to celebrate your mildew-free awning with you! Coffee and sunrise, here you come.

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