It’s back-to-school and, *gasp* my kids actually have to take a shower every day. Not only do the teachers and other kids deserve to be NOT harassed by their pubescent musk, but a shower a day helps keep the doctor away. Non-negotiable, darlings.

But, does this happen at your house, too? Once one gets in the shower, it’s not so easy to him out, and then it’s [insert whiny voice], “BEN! You used all the hot water!” Ugh! I don’t need more chaos in the mornings!

Enter Pro-Tek’s Lady Bug and Road Runner Shower Starts. Now you only use as much water as you really need, and there is plenty for everyone.  What’s way cool is normally these babies aren’t cheap, but now yours is 80% off with purchase of any two gallons of Pro-Tek™ cleaner. 

That’s back-to-school the eco-friendly way. Now get out of the shower. My turn.

Shower Start Road Runner
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