We here at Pro-Tek are big fans of dogs, and they are especially snuggle-worthy when they’re clean and smelling fine. But is there any dog in the world who LOVES a bath? Maybe yours, but not mine. Here are some helpful hints I use to make bath time more fun.

  1. Forget the bathtub. Hate a sopping wet bathroom floor? Me, too. I take the darling, clawing fur ball into the shower. I’m going to get wet anyway, so why not embrace the inevitable.
  2. I use dog shampoo. Yes, I could use baby shampoo, but I’m going to end up smelling like whatever I wash him with, and Eau de Toddler isn’t my style. Dog is Love Pet Shampoo™ is organic, non-toxic, and smells like fresh essential oils. (What else would you expect from Pro-Tek™?) So, as long as we’re both getting a bath, this is my dog’s shampoo.
  3. Treats. A glass of wine usually does the trick. Or a massage. 

And a belly rub for the pooch, which for him, is the same as a day at the spa. I really love that dog.

Do you have a special dog? Upload a pic and tells us why you love him/her so.

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