Before you spend $4,000 to get rid of cigarette and urine odors, try this.






Clean-Zyme Odor and Stain Remover got rid of the yucky urine and cigarette odors left behind by a nightmare tenant.

Being a landowner is a challenge, even with great renters. When you get a renter who breaks lease by smoking or keeping a misbehaved cat, clean up costs can run in the thousands. Professional removal of urine odor can cost up to $125/hour, and owners pay an average of $4,000 to removed the smell of smoke. Before you break the bank just trying to get some fresh air, try this Pro-Tip from Pro-Tek.


The Magic Solution


You’ll need:
Clean-Zyme Stain and Odor Remover (the one with the cute pets on the label)
Your favorite scrub brush and cleaning rags


Now, Do This


Spray liberally on your troublesome urine and cigarette odors. Give the enzymes a little while to digest odors and stains while you contemplate how wonderful your next tenants will be. Follow up on stains with a good scrub, if needed. Blot with a damp cloth. Take a deep breath of fresh air. It’s really that easy.




Take before and after pics and upload them to our Facebook page with #odorchallenge! We want to celebrate your beautiful rental unit with you! And with all the money you just saved, take yourself out for a toast.





Urine and cigarette odors? Breath easy with Clean-Zyme.







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