Have you tried everything short of taking a hammer to your ugly grout? Watch while right before your very eyes these stubborn grout stains disappear.

Mix The Magic Solution

You’ll need:
Pro-Tek Cherry, Lemon, Eco-Orange or Heavy Duty (HD)
32 oz spray bottle (included with every new Pro-Tek purchase!)
Pro-Tek grout cleaning brush

Fill your spray bottle with 2 oz Pro-Tek and then fill to the top with clean water. This creates a powerful but nontoxic, eco-friendly 15:1 solution that will have mold and mildew stains wishing they never set foot in your grout!

Now, Do This

Spray liberally on your troublesome grout. Allow the Pro-Tek solution to sink in. Scrub with Pro-Tek cleaning brush and watch the stains disappear.


Take before and after pics and upload them with #grouchallenge! We want to celebrate your beautiful tile with you!

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