Housebreaking? Use eco-friendly Clean-Zyme™ to power out stains and odor.

Dog urine and feces are all part of the package when you’re housebreaking a new Christmas dog . No matter if the dog is a puppy from a breeder or a rescue dog, when he or she first comes to your home, nervousness makes dog urine and feces accidents more likely. While other products use harsh chemicals that are dangerous for your puppy, Pro-Tek’s™ non-toxic, eco-friendly products remove dog urine and feces stains, leaving behind nothing but a fresh scent. It’s like the accident never happened! Now you can go back to loving your adorable new puppy.

What You’ll Need

clean-zyme removes dog urine stain and odor
Clean-Zyme uses natural ingredients to make dog urine and feces stains disappear.
  • clean cloths

Now, Do This

  1. Dump feces into the toilet. Blot the stain with a clean cloth to remove any wet residue.
  2. Saturate the urine or feces stain with Clean-Zyme. Let sit for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Blot with a clean cloth. Bye, bye urine and feces stains!

Potty Training a New Puppy?

New puppies are just learning to control their elimination, and it’s important to train without yelling or rubbing their noses in it. Check out this helpful guide from the American Kennel Club on How to Potty Train Your Puppy.

Why You Should Remove Your Dog Urine and Feces Stains with Clean-Zyme™ and Not Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Clean-Zyme™’s eco-friendly formula is tough on stains and safe for your family and your pets, so you’ll never have to worry about toxic cleaning chemicals. Our formula contains no phosphates, and it’s 100% bio-degradable. It’s safe to rinse down the drain! Plus, smell that? Clean-Zyme™ even gets rid of dog urine and feces odors, too.

Other cleaners are still using phosphates and butyl-based chemicals. These toxic products cause irreversible damage by ending up in sewers and waterways, causing overgrowth of marine plants, and depriving fish and water animals of vital oxygen. Non-refillable, non-recyclable plastic cleaning bottles leach chemicals into groundwater and create micro-plastics in oceans, poisoning the fish we depend on for food. Toxic cleaners are literally killing the planet.

Clean-Zyme™ gives you superior cleaning power while being safe for the planet. And, did you know a portion of your purchase supports our local animal shelter? You can feel great when you clean with eco-friendly Clean-Zyme™!

A portion of your purchase supports our local animal shelter, so every puppy can find a home for Christmas.


How Does Clean-Zyme™ Work?

Pro-Tek™ Cleaner contains non-toxic alkaline builders to break apart grease and oils, and biodegradable surfactants to release the stain from the surface. Working together, these two stain fighters disarm stains and release their grip so they can wash cleanly away. Spray the proper dilution of Pro-Tek™ on any stain and let it sit. Our formula doesn’t need toxic, climate-changing chemicals to do the job. Pro-Tek™ is safe for the environment and tough on stains. Remove wine stains like magic!

Need cleaning advice? Give our friendly customer service agents a call toll-free at 888-7768351.

All Your Household Cleaning Needs to be #PetFriendly

pro-tek eco-friendly cleaner
All your cleaning should be #petfriendly

Now that you have Clean-Zyme for dog urine and feces stains, use #petfriendly Pro-Tek™ Cleaner for all your household cleaning. Keep your family and pets safe from toxic chemicals. One gallon of non-toxic, eco-friendly Pro-Tek™ last six months or more. Dilute it to meet every cleaning need in your home. Plus, the gallon jug is completely reusable–even the cap! Just send it back to us for a refill. We’ll give you a 25% discount and free shipping! We’re committed to keeping empty jugs out of landfills. Pro-Tek™ comes in cherry, lemon, eco-orange, or even heavy duty for especially tough, greasy messes. Mix Pro-Tek™ with essential oils like cinnamon or peppermint to give your home a seasonal scent for the holidays. Take advantage of our new Christmas puppy kit for all your #petfriendly cleaning needs.

Get Dog is Love Natural Pet Shampoo FREE when you purchase a gallon of #petfriendly Pro-Tek and Clean-Zyme!

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