No need to purchase expensive and toxic carpet cleaner. You have Pro-Tek™!

How often should your carpet be cleaned? Once a year. A good way to remember is March is eco-clean your carpet month! Woohoo!

Clean carpets mean more than just getting rid of winter muck and grime. A good cleaning removes allergens, kills smelly bacteria and mold, and prolongs the life of your carpet–which is always environmentally friendly. If you have Pro-Tek™ and a carpet cleaning machine, your clean carpets are just moments away. You don’t need to schedule an expensive carpet cleaning service to come to your home. Just follow these easy steps!

What Kind of Carpet Cleaning Machine Should You use?

What kind of carpet cleaning machine is best for your needs? We really liked HGTV’s detailed carpet cleaner review. High quality machines come in all sizes to tackle lots of different sized carpets. Most household carpet cleaning is covered with a standard upright machine sporting a one gallon tank. If your carpet is 500 square feet or larger, you’ll be better off with a commercial machine. For quick, hands-free stain removal, consider a spot cleaner.

Is it Better to Rent or Buy a Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Whether renting or buying, what’s best for you depends on your budget, your storage space, and how often you clean. If you have high foot traffic and room in the closet or garage, you can’t beat owning your own machine. For smaller carpets (think apartments) and gentler use, renting is probably a most cost-effective and space saving choice for you. Check out your local home improvement or hardware store for rental options.

The Magic Pro-Tek™ Solution

Now that you you have your carpet cleaning machine, time to mix up the magic Pro-Tek™ solution.

Now, Do This

  1. Mix a 30:1 solution of Pro-Tek™ cherry, lemon or eco-orange by pouring 4 oz Pro-Tek™ in your 1 gallon carpet cleaning tank. Fill the rest of the tank with clean water. For larger or smaller tanks, use this easy dilution chart.
  2. Push the furniture back to reveal as much carpet as you can. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly to pick up loose soil and hair.
  3. In an inconspicuous area of your carpet, test a small corner of your Pro-Tek™ solution to be sure your carpet is colorfast. If you’re not sure, give our friendly customer service agents a call at 1.888.776.8351. We’re happy to help!
  4. Follow the instructions on your carpet cleaning machine.
  5. Let your carpet dry.

What if You Have Tough Stains on Your Carpet?

Pets, kids, party guests and muddy shoes can leave tough, stinky stains on your carpet. Pro-Tek™’s eco-friendly Clean-Zyme uses the power of enzymes to “eat” the stains away. Use Clean-Zyme to spot clean before you clean your carpet. Clean-Zyme even works on old stains!

Pet stains on your carpet? You can’t beat the stain-fighting power of eco-friendly Clean-Zyme.

How Long Should You Wait for the Carpet to Dry?

A minimum of three hours, before you allow foot traffic, but wait 8 hours before returning the furniture and going back to regular use.

Why You Should Eco-Clean Your Carpet with Pro-Tek™ and Not Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Pro-Tek™’s eco-friendly formula is tough on stains and safe for your family and your pets, so you’ll never have to worry about toxic cleaning chemicals. Our formula contains no phosphates, and it’s 100% bio-degradable. It’s safe to rinse down the drain! Plus, smell that? Pro-Tek™ even gets rid of odors, too.

Not only are other carpet cleaners more expensive, they are still using phosphates and butyl-based chemicals. These toxic products cause irreversible damage by ending up in sewers and waterways, causing overgrowth of marine plants, and depriving fish and water animals of vital oxygen. Non-refillable, non-recyclable plastic cleaning bottles leach chemicals into groundwater and create micro-plastics in oceans, poisoning the fish we depend on for food. Toxic cleaners are literally killing the planet.

Pro-Tek™ gives you superior cleaning power while being safe for the planet. Our gallon jug is refillable–you can even reuse the cap! And, did you know a portion of your purchase supports our local animal shelter and domestic violence shelter? You can feel great when you clean with eco-friendly Pro-Tek™!

Imagination is the true magic carpet.

Norman Vincent Peale

How Does Pro-Tek™ Work in Your Carpet Machine?

Pro-Tek™ Cleaner contains non-toxic alkaline builders to break apart grease and oils, and biodegradable surfactants to release the soil from the fibers. Working together, these two dirt fighters disarm soil and release its grip so it can wash cleanly away in your carpet cleaner. Our formula doesn’t need toxic, climate-changing chemicals to do the job. Pro-Tek™ is safe for the environment and tough on soil. Clean your carpet like magic!

Get Clean-Zyme FREE with any gallon purchase!

A portion of your purchase supports our local dog shelter! Offer expires March 31, 2024

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