How’s how to clean your kitchen so your food is safe from germs and toxins–without bleach.

If you’re accustomed to that capful of bleach to disinfect your kitchen, you’re not alone, but you are taking a risk. Bleach is toxic. The CDC recently reported a case of a woman who, after hearing on the news she should disinfect her vegetables, soaked them in a sinkful of hot water, vinegar, and bleach. She reported a “chlorine smell” in her kitchen and developed difficulty breathing. She called 911 and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

While she can hardly be blamed for not wanting germs on her food or in her kitchen, bleach is an unnecessary risk. You can clean your entire kitchen–even your veggies–with diluted, nontoxic, food-safe Pro-Tek. Plus, the natural fruit scents smell a lot better than bleach!

The Magic Solution

You’ll need:
Pro-Tek Cherry, LemonEco-Orange
Spray bottle (included in your Pro-Tek purchase, with our compliments!)
Clean dish cloths

Now, Do This

  1. Pro-Tek’s eco-friendly formula is super concentrated so it can be diluted to clean just about anything. In your spray bottle, mix a solution of 10:1 . Your Pro-Tek spray bottle has the handy markings to make dilutions easy.
  2. Spray all surfaces that could come into contact with food: counter tops, cutting boards, sinks, etc. Let sit a minute or two.
  3. Wet your clean dish cloth and scrub all surfaces, rinsing the cloth as needed.
  4. Let dry. Don’t skip this step. The drying is an important part of the disinfection process.

Your kitchen is now clean, disinfected and ready for food preparation!

More #foodsafe Tips

  1. DO wash your hands before handling food. While cooking, wash them every time you touch a pet , raw meat, or the trash can.
  2. DON’T wash raw meat before preparing it. It doesn’t remove germs from the meat, but does splatter germs all over your sink.
  3. DO wash cutting boards and knives that have touched raw meat thoroughly in hot soapy water and allow to dry before using them again.
  4. DO begin every meal with fresh, clean dish towels.
  5. To disinfect vegetables, DO simply rinse in plain water. Use a veggie brush if needed to remove soil.
  6. If you have one, DO take advantage of the dishwasher to wash plates, utensils, cups, glasses, etc. The heat and dry cycles kill germs.

Take the #foodsafe Challenge!

Take before and after pics of your clean kitchen and upload them to our Facebook page with #foodsafe! We want to celebrate your sparkling clean kitchen with you!

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