Wine disappears at a party. Here’s how wine stains disappear when you use eco-friendly Pro-Tek™.

With the holidays around the corner there’s a lot of buzz on the internet about how to remove wine stains from your clothes, carpet or furniture. Most of the advice contains a laundry list of ingredients and waiting up to an hour for the solution to work. Not so with stain-fighting Pro-Tek™! With just Pro-Tek™ and water, your wine stain will disappear in a matter of minutes, from your clothes, your carpet, or your furniture.

The Magic Solution

  • You’ll need:
  • Pro-Tek™ Cherry, LemonEco-Orange (chose your favorite fresh scent)
  • 16 oz Spray bottle with measuring lines, included in your Pro-Tek™ purchase, with our compliments!
  • clean cloth

Now, Do This

  1. Mix a 10:1 solution of Pro-Tek™ by pouring 1.75 oz Pro-Tek™ in your 16 oz spray bottle. Use the convenient measuring lines on the bottle. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with clean water.
  2. In an inconspicuous area of your clothing, carpet, or furniture, test a small spray of Pro-Tek™ to be sure your item is colorfast. If you’re not sure, give our friendly customer service agents a call at 1.888.776.8351. We’re happy to help!
  3. Saturate the wine stain with your Pro-Tek™ solution. Let sit for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Blot with a damp cloth. Bye, bye wine stain!

Why You Should Remove Your Wine Stains with Pro-Tek™ and Not Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Pro-Tek™’s eco-friendly formula is tough on stains and safe for your family and your pets, so you’ll never have to worry about toxic cleaning chemicals. Our formula contains no phosphates, and it’s 100% bio-degradable. It’s safe to rinse down the drain! Plus, smell that? Pro-Tek™ even gets rid of wine odors, too.

Not only are other cleaners more expensive (Pro-Tek™ once diluted runs about $1.63 per bottle), they are still using phosphates and butyl-based chemicals. These toxic products cause irreversible damage by ending up in sewers and waterways, causing overgrowth of marine plants, and depriving fish and water animals of vital oxygen. Non-refillable, non-recyclable plastic cleaning bottles leach chemicals into groundwater and create micro-plastics in oceans, poisoning the fish we depend on for food. Toxic cleaners are literally killing the planet.

Pro-Tek™ gives you superior cleaning power while being safe for the planet. Our gallon jug is refillable–you can even reuse the cap! And, did you know a portion of your purchase supports our local animal shelter and domestic violence shelter? You can feel great when you clean with eco-friendly Pro-Tek™!

I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.

W.C. Fields

How Does Pro-Tek™ Work?

Pro-Tek™ Cleaner contains non-toxic alkaline builders to break apart grease and oils, and biodegradable surfactants to release the stain from the surface. Working together, these two stain fighters disarm stains and release their grip so they can wash cleanly away. Spray the proper dilution of Pro-Tek™ on any stain and let it sit. Our formula doesn’t need toxic, climate-changing chemicals to do the job. Pro-Tek™ is safe for the environment and tough on stains. Remove wine stains like magic!

Pro-tek carries earthbreeze
Earth Breeze Eco-Friendly Laundry Sheets are the perfect way to freshen your party clothes after wines stains have been removed!

Five of the Most Sustainable Wines for Your Holiday Party

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