Here’s how to clean your tire rims and hub caps so they sparkle for summer.

Spring time is mud season where I live, and between puddles and brake dust my tires will tell you so. While a run through the car wash helps, there’s a feeling of pride that comes with a little elbow grease on the tire rims and hub caps to make them shine. I’m not alone in that feeling! If you have a jug of Pro-Tek, you are moments away from that feeling. Hub caps and rims are one of the top items customers like you clean with Pro-Tek, so, here’s the Pro-Tek Pro Tip for making your wheels the envy of the street.

The Magic Solution

You’ll need:
Pro-Tek Cherry, LemonEco-Orange, or if your tires are really dirty, use Heavy Duty (HD)
Spray bottle (included in your Pro-Tek purchase, with our compliments!)
Car wash sponge and bucket
Tire brush

Now, Do This

  1. Pro-Tek’s eco-friendly formula is super concentrated so it can be diluted to clean just about anything. In your spray bottle, mix a solution of 5:1 . Your Pro-Tek spray bottle has the handy markings to make dilutions easy.

2. Next, fill your bucket with a 10:1 solution by adding 3 gallons of water and 5 1/4 cups of Pro-tek. Pop in the sponge to soak.

3. Use the hose to spray your tire liberally to remove any loose soil. Pop off the hub cap and rinse it off, front and back.

4. With the sponge, scrub your tires, rims, and hub caps, dunking the sponge frequently in the bucket.

5. Now spray the hub cap with the 5-1 solution. Let sit for a few minutes. Pro-Tek is working to dissolve mud and brake dust. Scrub with the tire brush and rinse any remaining residue.

6. Replace the hub cap and admire the shine.


Take before and after pics and upload them to our Facebook page with #tirechallenge! We want to celebrate your sparkling hub caps and tire rims with you! Envy of the street, here you come.

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