Everyone seems to think window cleaning is hard, but with these easy tips you’ll be window cleaning like a pro.

April is window cleaning month, and there couldn’t be a better time! Mother nature is coming back to life, but it’s not quite warm enough to enjoy the show outside. Stay warm and cozy indoors while you enjoy the budding trees and nesting birds through your impeccably clean windows. Do you remember being a kid, popping awake first thing in the morning, pulling back your curtains, and looking outside? Maybe you still do it! I do. Windows are wonderful.

Why are windows so hard to clean?

Windows have a bad rap for being hard to clean because they streak! Wiping away all the streaks is a delicate balance of your cleaning solution, your cleaning tools, how dirty the window is, how dirty the sills are, and which way the light is shining in the widow. But getting it right isn’t that hard when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. We really liked these ideas from Bob Villa, and brought the best of them right here for you.

And as long as you’re doing windows, now is a good time to get the dust out of blinds and drapes, too. Don’t worry! There are some tricks here for that, too.

First, Gather These Window Cleaning Supplies

Trust me, window cleaning is much easier–and dare I say fun?–when you have the right tools to prevent those dreaded streaks on both sides of the window, indoor and out. Important: use separate cleaning supplies for inside versus outside windows. Outside windows pose a special challenge with rain stains, bird droppings, and soil, and they need extra TLC and different cleaning tools. That said, here’s your super duper window cleaning supply list:

  • Pro-Tek™ Cherry, LemonEco-Orange (chose your favorite fresh scent)
  • spray bottle
  • micro-fiber cloths
  • soft-bristle cleaning brushes (old toothbrushes work well!)
  • sponge mop
  • squeegee
  • magic eraser
  • clean chalkboard eraser (you’ll see why)
  • kitchen tongs with micro fiber cloths rubber-banded around the ends
  • vacuum cleaner with edging tool attached
  • garden hose

Skip newspaper for cleaning windows. It breaks down and leaves a dusty trail in its wake.

Whether you’re washing inside or out, you won’t need a commercial window cleaning solution! Eco-friendly, cleans-everything Pro-Tek™ dilutes for fresh-smelling, sparkling clean windows.

The Magic Pro-Tek™ Solution

Now that you have your super duper window cleaning supply list, time to mix up the magic Pro-Tek™ solution. Mix a 120:1 solution of Pro-Tek™ cherry, lemon or eco-orange by pouring half a cap of Pro-Tek™ in your 16 oz spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with clean water. For larger or smaller bottles, use this easy dilution chart.

For sparkly clean windows, mix a 120:1 solution by pouring half a cap of Pro-Tek™ in your 16 oz spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with clean water.

The Magic Pro-Tek™ Solution

For Indoor Windows, Do This

Start with your window treatments. Use the edger tool on your vacuum to sweep drapes of dust and pet hair. Remove dust and grime from blinds by wiping each slat with your microfiber-wrapped kitchen tongs. Then, push the window treatments to the side.

Next, use the edger tool to remove dead moths and other loose soil from the window track and frame. If your track is really soiled, spray with your Pro-Tek™ solution, and use the soft-bristled brush to scrub them clean. It’s important to clean the track first so the dirt doesn’t find its way onto the window while you’re scrubbing.

Now spray a light mist of Pro-Tek™ solution on your window. Don’t use too much! Just enough to moisten soil. With a microfiber cloth, begin by wiping the border of your panes in a rectangular shape. Then starting at the top of the window, and use a varied pattern to wipe within the border. That’s the magic streak-prevention trick.

Did you still get streaks? No worries. Let the window dry completely. Then, use the clean chalkboard eraser to buff out any streaks.

Well, now. Don’t your windows look so clean they’re just invisible!

For Outdoor Windows, Do This

You’re going to get wet. Sorry.

Remove screens and use a wet magic eraser to scrub them. Hose them down and set aside to dry.

With your garden hose, spray windows to remove leaves and loose debris. If you’re lucky, you just may rinse away bird poop, too! Saturate the windows with your Pro-Tek™ solution and use the squeegee to wipe the windows sparkly clean. For high up windows, skip the ladder and use a clean sponge mop. Saturate the sponge with Pro-Tek™ solution and then get a good arm work out while you scrub above your head.

Don’t forget to replace the screens! Now go kick your feet up and enjoy the gorgeous view from your window.

One More Tip . . . Pick a Cloudy Day

The warm sun flowing through the window feels so good after a long cold winter, but warm windows can be a pain to clean. Cleaning solution can dry more quickly than you can wipe it off on warm windows, and the bright light can make streaks harder to see. While we all love the sun, a cloudy day is the perfect day for indoor window cleaning.

A word of caution–if the rain chance is high, the cloudy day trick doesn’t work that well for outside windows. It’s like washing your car; it’s bound to rain and leave streaks on your clean windows!

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Twice a year, once in April and again in October. Regular cleaning will not only make for a better view of Mother Nature’s wondrous seasons, but will keep your windows from becoming permanently stained.

How Do You Keep Birds From Flying into Clean Windows?

Ooo, that awful thunk! For lovers of nature like you, it’s a sickening feeling when a sweet little bird hits your clean windows and either dies on impact, or become stunned and then easy prey. Birds are at risk when windows reflect an image of open sky. You can prevent this! We liked the Humane Society’s list of prevention ideas. Here are the tips we thought were most helpful:

  • Hang a windchime from your eaves. The sound and movement keep birds away.
  • Keep your blinds and curtains closed when you’re not in the room.
  • Move your feeders, either close to the house where birds will slow down for a snack or well away where birds will vector away from windows.
  • Decorate your windows with colorful decals.

Ever Wonder Why are Commercial Window Cleaners are Blue?

It’s insanely successful marketing. Back in the 60’s when commercial window cleaning solutions came on the market, the top brand added a blue dye to make its product pop. The dye has nothing to do with the performance of the cleaner, but the association is so popular, many people look for the blue solution!

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