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Pro-Tek™ eco-friendly multipurpose cleaner and degreaser uses technology to perform at a level not seen in retail products on the market today.

Pro-Tek™ Cleaner is formulated with the environment and the economy in mind as it contains alkaline builders and biodegradable surfactants.  When diluted properly it is biodegradable, non-toxic, ozone safe, VOC compliant, and it is also packaged in refillable and recyclable containers. Each gallon contains 64 bottles of all-purpose cleaner!

Your Pro-Tek™ jug is built for use after use! You can even reuse our cap! When we say refill, not landfill, we mean it! Send your jug back when it’s empty. We’ll refill it for 25% off. You won’t find a more robust refill program anywhere! No pods to throw away. No subscriptions to worry about. No expiration date. We’ll refill your jug FOR LIFE.

Pro-Tek™ is capable of removing the heaviest cases of grease, oils, and some of the toughest carpet stains.

Did you know a portion of your purchase supports our local animal shelter and domestic violence shelter? You can feel great about cleaning with Pro-Tek™!

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29 reviews for Pro-Tek™ Cherry

  1. Jesse Brixey

    This is the best cleaner out there. I used this stuff daily when I sold it and still use it. Price, versatility and effectiveness this stuff has it all.

  2. Tracey Bowden

    Just realized we are down to the last bit of Pro-Tek and hubby just asked “if we run out, what are we going to do” so I’ll be ordering more cause it is the best cleaner we have ever used. It is our only go-to cleaner.

  3. C.S.

    on april 12th 2016 **** ****** came to my door w/this product…he was straight to the point & showed me a few examples of what protek chemical cleans & how, on my front porch…we then venture into my home…he begins to get an old stain off my carpet…he also showed me several more examples of the products uses…I was extremely impressed! Also love the fact that it’s safe b/c my children help with the chores of cleaning our home…we used the protek chemical I had purchased on things around the house for at least another hour after he left & we love it! It also smells great. My daughter & I got to speak w/the CEO of the company & he was also very pleasant even though he did mention he normally is not the one driving around door to door:)

  4. Jeanie dawsom

    I love this stuff best ever

  5. Jacqueline Hahn-Wachtel

    Love this stuff. I use it for everything.

  6. Judith McConnell

    Have used this product for many years. It is the best cleaner you can purchase. Can’t do without it.

  7. Abby Adam

    I have been sold on this as my go to since someone came to my door in 2000! It is my miracle maker to take stains out of clothes, carpets, you name it, it works! I also feel confident with the stuff around my dogs and little one as the sales guy even DRANK the solution to show it’s non-toxic! Highly recommend the stuff to anyone needing a go to cleaner that works!

  8. Alexandra Salinas

    Awesome product. I’ m very pleased with it. It instantly removes all tough stains and grease. I strongly recommend this product.

  9. H. Eugene Estelle

    i bought 1 quart from a door to door salesperson, a kid and he gave me a demo.
    and i was sold, now i’m out and its the best i’v seen .

  10. Toni Parkins

    I love this stuff! I believe in it so strongly, I want to go door to door just to show people how great this cleaner really is. I rarely use anything else.

  11. Paul G Daley

    The Best you can buy. Don’t wipe on and wipe off though, let it sit for a few minutes. Been using it for years.

  12. Brandi sue

    Just used it to clean up DRIED NAIL POLISH out of my CARPET. yes you read that correctly? big Globs of dried black nail polish !!!! I have a 5 year old daughter and a six month old daughter and nail polish is going to be a huge problem in my house…. but it’s not so bad now that I know this little trick!

  13. John Waldinger

    Just brought my pontoon home from the cottage and getting it ready for winter storage. I was just going to power wash the tubes like I have done in the past, but for whatever reason it just wasn’t coming off. Then I remembered the Pro-Tek cleaner I had bought several years ago. I thought well I have nothing to lose by trying it. They said it would clean anything. Well, lets just say, when my wife saw the boat after I finished and it looked like the day we bought it she was in awe. I was shocked myself that it cleaned the tubes so well. I just sprayed it on, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then I sprayed it again and scrubbed them with a brush and the grime from sitting in the lake all summer just came right off. Pretty impressive. So I am ordering more today as I only have a small amount left. Just became my go to cleaner for sure. I also used it on my fishing boat with the same result. Very pleased. I even have before and after pictures if anyone needs a little proof this stuff really works.

  14. Alex d

    Excellent product. Salesperson (Gio – #317) came to the door. At first I was not interested having someone come to the door. He was persistent (not obnoxious) and showed me how the product worked on our tiles; on the window, and on a magic marker stained rag cloth. After such an aggressive but instructive demonstration how could I turn down his sale!. Used the product on our house tiles and it works better than products we’ve used in the past. No Chlorine; no smelly odors; and even though instructions say one does not have to clean up, I used our steamer to remove any remaining product. The flooring is shiny and clean. The price is reasonable considering that it does not contain chemicals and pollutants like so many others. Glad I bought 3 gallons. Thanks Gio!

  15. David Constable

    I bought this stuff from a salesman who was walking the neighborhood and he sprayed it on a couple things in my yard and I was hooked. Just noticed I was getting low and luckily I found the web sight. will definately be ordering more. great stuff.

    • Todd Simon

      David, we’re so glad you love Pro-Tek and let us know if you need help with ordering more.

    • Todd Simon

      Hi, David! We’re assuming you found Pro-tek a great cleaner for your patio furniture and oils stains on the driveway? We’d love to see your before and after pics, and let us know if you need help ordering more.

  16. Marion Raybuck

    My husband bought the first gallon from a door to door salesman. I was upset at what he spent for a household cleaner. Well… boy was i eating crow. This is the best cleaner we have ever used. I gets out pet pee stains and any odors left behind. I use it on my sneakers, coats, counters, floors, name it, I use it for that too! Love and recommend to anyone and everyone! We just ran out, and again i was upset, because he hasn’t ordered it again!!! wow i sound like a grump !

    • Todd Simon

      Hi, Marion! We’re glad you’re finding Pro-Tek SAVES money because once diluted, it’s a fraction of the price of other store-bought cleaners. And, you can see it works for just about everything–maybe even marriage?!?! Lol! You sound like a cleaning machine. We’d love to see your before and after stain-removing pics!

  17. Connie

    I first bought pro tek in 2003 When a door to door salesman came walking up and caught me outside. I avoid salesmen at all costbecause in a sucker that can’t say no. Needless to day, i spent about $200 and was so mad at myself. It took a while before I’d even used it because i was so madabout spending the money. Once i started using it, i couldn’t stop! I ran out and didn’t know how to reorder. A few years went by and i was stationed at ft. Hood in Texas when another guy showed up at my door. He looked at me like I was crazy because I was literally about to hug him when he asked me if I ever heard of pro tek. I’ve used this stuff on all of my babies clothes in the wash and as a pi presoak, on my car, carpet, windows, and anything else i could think of to get a stain out of. Now years and 6 kids later, i still use it and couldn’t be happier!

    • Todd Simon

      Connie, we’re so glad Pro-tek found you again! If you need more, you can order off our website Thank you for writing in. We’d love to see your before and after pics, too.

  18. vanita

    excellent product

    • Todd Simon

      Aw, Shucks, Vanita. Thank you! We think so, too.

  19. Richard Ohama

    I’ve used Pro-Tek for years and brag about how great it is to all my friends. Our housecleaner says it’s her favorite cleaner. We’re about to order some more and will continue to do so,as long as it’s available.

    • Todd Simon

      Richard, thank you for writing in! Use coupon code SUMMERKICKOFF before June 30 on your next order of $80 or more and we’ll put $10 in your pocket!

  20. Roberto

    Exelent product

    • Leah Kenyon

      Thank you, Roberto! We’re glad you approve.

  21. Michelle Horton

    Bought this yesterday from a door to door salesman. At first I was like ok what is this guy selling and no I am not going to buy it. We stood outside in the 90 degree heat and he sprayed some on my slate steps that had some green algae on it. He spray a tiny amount, reach for a little scrub brush, swiped it twice and boom the green was gone. Now I was left with a clean spot!! He then showed me that it would remove the black streaks on my gutters. With one spray and one wipe of his cloth it was gone. I would normally get that off with a magic eraser and go through a whole box, not to mention stripping off the shiny coating. This was a game changer for me. I have been wanting to clean those gutters for years!! He told me the price of $89 and I was a little taken back. Wow that is a lot for a cleaner. He then explained how this one gallon would last me a year if diluted properly. I wouldn’t need to buy another other cleaning sprays. I used a shot glass full of the cleaner and 16 oz of water and went to work. I cleaned the gutter section that I could reach without a ladder in about 10 minutes. I will need to wait for my husband to get home to help with the taller sections. So I went into the kitchen and was reminded that the salesman (Mike C.) had cleaned a spot of grout on my kitchen tile. Now it looked weird to have a clean spot. So I got my spray bottle, a scrub brush, a rag and padding for my knees and cleaned all the grout in my kitchen. The white rag I used was black by the end of the day. It took me about 2 hours to do the entire kitchen floor. Was some work but not as much as other cleaners I have used before. I then went on to the counters and microwave oven and table and etc. I cleaned my whole house and It was so easy to wipe away. The degreasing part of it was amazing on the oven as well. I will tell all my neighbors and friends about this and pass along Mike C.’s number.

  22. Margo Argo

    So glad I found this!!!
    Years ago (maybe 2008?) I bought the pump concentrate from a door to door salesman. Just now put the last in a spray bottle. Sorry, but that is practically free when you consider I have used it for 10 years! I think we paid $85? I know Obama was president because our salesman said something about tax rebate for “green” cleaners…?
    Anyway, this stuff is the BEST. Please don’t hesitate. Yes, a lot up front, but this is all you need. For every surface / texture / etc.

  23. cory grant

    This stuff is amazing. the best chemical cleaner I have ever used. I deal with heavy grease and this whips it up. Justin Hodson was a great guy that really helped me understand what this chemical was capable of.

  24. Monica of Austin, TX

    Just got my first gallon of cleaner and its making me motivated to clean my house fully inside and out. and cars too. Thanks to Mike C for the product info.
    Monica – Austin Texas

  25. Aldo Junior Castro Santos

    Just bought the protek cleaners. From Chris Arizola. The product is great. Chris did a great job explaining how the product works.

  26. Jose Canel

    Over 10 years since I first try this product. And definitely is the best for cleaning everything in and out of the house. I recommend this product to anyone. I use it a lot to clean the rims of my car and to remove the grease of my working machine truck. If you try it once you’ll stick with it forever.

  27. Barbara (verified owner)

    I have been using this since 2000 when a young couple came to my door demonstrating the product. It is simply the best although I do miss the almond scent it used to have! The only relationship that lasted longer than this one is my marriage!


    I own a small automotive repair shop, i was approached by salesman Mike B. at first i was skeptical and then Mike started doing demonstrations on how the product works, needless to say this is the best cleaner that i have EVER found! it cleans anything and everything! i have an old stove that was in our home 4 years ago when i bought it and nothing i have tried has been able to clean the old nasty stuff off the stove,i took some cleaner home sprayed it on the stove and with hardly any scrubbing at all the stove looks like new! also today i had a customer come in that had a windshield replaced by a local windshield company and there was windshield urethane smeared all over the driver door the customer had tried to get it off and even tried to pressure wash it off with no results,i sprayed the pro tek cleaner on it and scrubbed it with #4 steel wool and it came right off! i would highly recommend this product to anybody .

  29. Paul Reynolds

    I bought the ProTek cleaner from a door-to-door salesman after he performed a demo by cleaning a small portion of the outside of my travel trailer. That was 6 months ago and I am completely sold on the product. It cleans EVERYTHING. My girlfriend is highly involved in dog rescue. Consequently, there are “messes” in her house to clean up from time to time. It can’t be avoided. She uses it to clean the pet stains and it works like a champ. I’ll got probably a gallon left so it will be time to order some more soon. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

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