Pro-Tek™ HD

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When diluted properly, our products are safe. These industrial non-toxic cleaners are capable of removing the greasiest grime and stubborn stains, without leaving a residue.

Whether you’re cleaning combines, planters, graders excavators or skid loaders, ProTek HD cleaner was designed just for these items.

Buying more than one gallon? Save money by calling for a special shipping rate.

Your Pro-Tek™ jug is built for use after use! You can even reuse our cap! When we say refill, not landfill, we mean it! Send your jug back when it’s empty. We’ll refill it for 25% off. You won’t find a more robust refill program anywhere! No pods to throw away. No subscriptions to worry about. No expiration date. We’ll refill your jug FOR LIFE.

Directions for use SDS

(color may vary from yellow to green)

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32 oz, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallons, 4 Gallons, 8 Gallons, 5 Gallon Cube, 55 Gallon Drum

3 reviews for Pro-Tek™ HD

  1. Deluxe Cleaners

    Great job by Kristen Bagwell
    Roll Tide shirt ….!!!!

  2. william Phillips

    i bought from door to door salesman my gallon is a yellow color is that normal and leaves a film on glass

  3. Emmitt Oliver Toe

    Robert Beck was so nice and seemed like he really cared about us and the product worked amazingly best sales men 5stars

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