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Pro-Tek™ multipurpose cleaner and degreaser is a product that uses technology to perform at a level not seen in retail products on the market today.

Pro-Tek™ Cleaner is formulated with the environment and the economy in mind as it contains alkaline builders and biodegradable surfactants.  When diluteted properly it is biodegradable, non-toxic, ozone safe, VOC compliant, and it is also packadged in recyclable containers.

Your Pro-Tek™ jug is built for use after use! You can even reuse our cap! When we say refill, not landfill, we mean it! Send your jug back when it’s empty. We’ll refill it for 25% off. You won’t find a more robust refill program anywhere! No pods to throw away. No subscriptions to worry about. No expiration date. We’ll refill your jug FOR LIFE.

Pro-Tek™ is capable of removing the heaviest cases of grease, oils, and some of the toughest carpet…

Buying more than one gallon? Save money by calling for a special shipping rate.

(color may vary from yellow to green)

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32 oz., (2) 32 oz., (12) 32 oz., (24) 32 oz., 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 4 gallons, 8 gallons, 20 gallons, 2.5 gallon jug, (2) 2.5 gallon jugs, 5 gallon cube, 55 gallon drum

14 reviews for Pro-Tek™ Lemon

  1. Shelly Stonebraker

    Just bought this for the first time today!!! What a great product!! The salesman did a fantastic demonstration on many different things in our house as well as outside of the house on our truck and leather. Amazing!!!

    • Leah Kenyon

      Woohoo! You’re getting a total Pro-tek makeover, Shelly. Niiiiiice.

  2. Jolie Hayes

    Just bought my first bottle from a door to door salesman about an hour ago and it works like magic!!! I already cleaned my walls!!!!

    • Leah Kenyon

      It’s maaaaagic! Well, not really, but it’s fun to think so. Glad your walls are sparkling now.

  3. Ellie S.

    I have been using Pro Tek as my go to cleaner for about five years. I was originally introduced to the product by a door to door salesman and have reordered from their website three times. I love this product. It replaced almost every other cleaner I used to buy. My mom and sister will actually come over to make up their bottles from my concentrate. Would recommend it without reservation.

    • Leah Kenyon

      Ellie, you’re so sweet to share the love with you mom and sister. Awww! Glad Pro-tek works well for all three of you.

  4. Sara Soto

    I love this product is the better cleaner like I used
    Is strong and make me easy the work in my house.

    • Leah Kenyon

      Hi, Sara! How does the saying go? Happy wife, happy life? Don’t know if you’re a literal wife, but we’re so glad Pro-tek makes housecleaning easier!

  5. Sharon delker

    Love this product use it on my tile floors

    • Leah Kenyon

      Sharon, thank you! We’re so glad Pro-tek and your tile floors get along like old friends.

  6. Danna Wilson

    I’ve used Pro-Tek for 10 years or more. it works great. it’s the only general purpose cleaner I have used since then.

    • Leah Kenyon

      Danna, we’re so glad you find Pro-Tek effective. Thanks for being such a loyal customer! If we could reach out and kiss you–well, we wouldn’t, but you get our drift.

  7. Robert forrester

    I’m a janitor at a truck stop and you know I have a huge job on my hands not really on my hands cause I wear gloves but this products makes their messes easy work! These guys need a better meal plan that’s for sure!!

    • Todd Simon

      Brahaha, Robert, you have a sense of humor! We’re so glad Pro-Tek makes your work easier–that’s what we’re all about!

  8. Mark W.

    Buy at your own risk, they are the typical door to door type people, the only person really making money is the big boss, with his 5th wheel trailer from Idaho. It’ll be interesting to see if this is even posted, but believe me, the boss is trying to figure out which toys he needs next, while his workers scurry around and pressure people to buy something they can get for half the price at Home Depot. Typical …

    • Todd Simon

      Hi, Mark! Thanks for writing in. We’re assuming you didn’t have a good experience with one of our sales reps? Ugh! Sorry about that. You are welcome to contact with the rep’s name and details about your experience, and we’ll seek to make it right. It’s our policy to provide only the best service and the highest quality cleaner. One 32 oz bottle of non-toxic, biodegradable Pro-tek equals 9 bottles of store-bought cleaner! Pro-tek is a great value.

  9. John Ramos

    Wow this actually takes the baked on charcoal color off my travel trailer. I need to re-order!!! Great stuff Pro-Tek????????

  10. John

    I was wondering if you guys support the veteran and military community and offer a military discount? If so that would be awesome!!! I never tryed your product but if so Im willing to give it a try. There are no sale reps in Tennessee but my buddy from ft drum(NY) said this is a good buy. I’ll rate it 3 stars due to the fact I never seen the product in action, Only word of mouth

    • Pro-Tek™

      Hello John,

      We absolutely support our Veterans! Please call our Office and speak to one of our very friendly customer service reps and we can get you taken care of.

  11. Ruth Moore

    I have been using this product for about 10 years now. Recently, I sold my husband on the product when I used it to remove poison ivy oils from clothing. My husband and my son both react severely to poison ivy and I use ProTek to wash their clothes. I have used it to remove oil stains, tough tobacco odor, blood spots, and other difficult to remove spots. While it does seem expensive, the items of clothing that I have saved with its use, more than make up for that. The various other uses could also boast of the the same “saves”, ie. mold and mildew removal from the siding on the house. Other products may do the same but maybe not as effortlessly. Our household is sold on this produst. Many thanks!!

  12. Susan Kuhns

    I first bought ProTek from a College student who was selling door to door. I was running my Day Care and loved the idea that if I cleaned a high chair tray with the cleaner there was no risk. I have been using now for about 25 years. I have a low concentrate for my counters, stove, etc and higher for the HD task around the house. I love this stuff truly. Almost time for another.

    • Leah Kenyon

      Susan, thank you for writing! We’re thrilled Pro-Tek has worked so well for you, and honored to have you as a customer for the last 25 years! When your jug is empty, send it to us for a refill, and we’ll give you a 25% discount as well as free shipping back.

  13. David Perry

    I do the cleaning and have tried a lot of cleaning products. This is the “Best” cleaner I’ve used since purchasing in 2000. I have shared it with family who were amazed at how well it worked. Works great on carpet and other surfaces. I will be sending my 22 year old empty white gallon in for a refill this week. Great cleaner

  14. AnneMarie Ansel

    I live on Long Island in NY and purchased Pro-Tek from a young door to door salesman from Idaho about 12 years ago. I was very skeptical but he tested this product on my light beige hall carpet which nothing in the past has been able to clean. Within minutes the stains were lifted! I was sold. It has continuously removed laundry stains where everything else has failed and without burning the fabric! My bottle finally ran out 2 years ago and I just found your product online! This time I’m buying your gallon size. I hope the formulation hasn’t changed. I teally appreciate that it’s biodegradable, non-toxic and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

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