Skunk Junk 420 Eco-Friendly Resin Cleaner


Skunk Junk 420 Eco-Friendly Resin Cleaner
Safe as it is Strong
#1 Bong Cleaner
Concentrated Technology
16 fl. oz.
Pipe cleaner and a new screen (in cap) included FREE

Directions: Super simple, always dilute the product as it is concentrated and will go further and clean more. Plain water or distilled will work. The dilution scale on the bottle will tell you the right amount of skunk junk 420 you are to use "10 to 1" means 10 ounces of eater and 1 ounce of cleaner. Mix skunk junk 420 in a pint spray bottle and spray on the stain let it soak a minute and wipe up. Resin and glassware paraphernalia, screens, can be soaked in a container or a bowl enough to cover the item being cleaned, let it soak some and then rinse, that's it. Internal glassware resin buildup or heavy resin buildup resin items may need a pipe cleaner to agitate a bit, then rinse. Skunk Junk is STRONG, USE ON WATER SAFE SURFACES ONLY.

Medicinal users can feel safe as a diluted product leaves no residue after a cleaning and a rinse. A contact number for any chemical emergency is listed on the bottle in case the pets or kids take a sip "not recommended". 16 fluid ounces of Skunk Junk 420 will make 1 gallon of product "8-1" dilution. It is common for the mix to be re-used, so tokers on a budget should seal container they are using to clean and recycle the Skunk Junk 420 for use again. Don't let it evaporate! Common sense rules on number of uses available when it comes to reuse of product... but always keep your piece clean. CBD oil stains are easily cleaned from clothing and fabric as well as by following the dilution scale on the bottle.

VAPING... all glassware can be cleaned, any heating elements of your device should be avoided with liquid of any kind. Water pipes in concrete trays all at the needed dilution, "Same as glassware".

This product is available in super easy and convenient 4 ounce travel sizes as well... "Keep your piece clean" and what a great gift, buy'em by the dozen!


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