Now that the weather is cooling it’s almost time to turn on the heat, shut up the house and cosy up. If your family is like mine, cold weather means living room floor time. It’s spreading out the Halloween candy and sorting it into Awesome, Meh, Yucky, and Mom’s Share. It’s indoor wrestling, pillow fights, and sleepovers in front of the fireplace. Before your family dens up for the season, consider your carpet: what off-smelling, ghoulish funk is haunting those fibers?

Vacuuming alone isn’t enough. Carpets trap more than just dirt, but all sorts of stuff you might expect to encounter in a horror B-flick: insect feces and husks, dust mites, dead skin cells, pet hair, toenails, bacteria, mold and eek! Even Norovirus. It can hang out in your carpet for over a month and cause flu-like symptoms in people who lay on it or even just walk across it.

Luckily, there’s eco-friendly, pet-safe Pro-Tek. Just dilute 1 part Pro-Tek to 30 parts water in your carpet machine and watch the water tank turn into a satisfying black lagoon. (Am I the only one who likes that part?) Now you can relax, knowing your carpets are clean and fresh for long winter nights all snuggled up. 

Pro-Tek is great for auto carpets, too! Check out the 10 minute mark when popular YouTuber Ryan Mayer uses Pro-Tek to clean the carpets in his truck.

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