Red wine from a dinner party, chocolate milk from your toddler’s sippy cup, or the Golden Retriever puppy (yet to be potty trained) that Santa thought the kids would love – life’s stains happen on your carpet. Even the most cautious of homeowners can’t escape the occasional spill or leak. Before you reach for a towel and an aerosol can full of foam cleaner, let’s talk about how you can remove carpet stains better and with fewer chemicals.

Ways To Clean Your Carpet

It’s likely you dread a carpet stain more than most things in life because your cleaning process is: 1) absorb the excess liquid into half a roll of paper towels 2) cover the entire area with enough white foam product that you can’t see the spot anymore 3) scrub until your arm is too tired to go on, and 4) switch arms until the backup is fatigued and repeat steps three and four until your body feels like it’s endured a cardio workout.

Sound familiar? We thought so. There is a better way to remove stains with a safe carpet cleaner. To remove carpet stains, start with a concentrated, nontoxic carpet cleaner. Dilute with water according to the directions on the bottle.

  1. Absorb any excess liquid, dirt or oil from the rug or carpet
  2. Pretreat the area with a Pro-Tek cleaner and allow to sit for several minutes (If you’re cleaning a pet’s mess, use the Clean-Zyme solution)
  3. Use a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub the stained area, spraying more carpet cleaner if needed
  4. Absorb any excess cleaner and gently rub with towel to remove the stain

If the stain has dried, it’s best to get the area wet with warm water, then spray the best carpet cleaning product you have available, then perform steps 2-4.

How To Remove Pet Stain Odor From Carpet

Pets are part of the family, and while we love spending time with them, we don’t want the smell they leave behind. It’s best to use a pet stain removal product – one specifically designed to eliminate the odor, not just mask it. The odor of pet urine can linger, even when the stain appears to be gone, when you use traditional carpet cleaners. That’s because after the pet stain is cleaned, small salt crystals are left in the carpet. Those crystals continue to react with moisture in the air, causing the smell to linger, sometimes permanently if not cleaned correctly.

To effectively remove the odor of pet urine from your carpet, use an enzymatic cleaner. Pro-Tek’s Clean-Zyme solution essentially digests the stain and odor that can remain when you use topical cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning Machine Do’s and Don’ts

A carpet cleaning machine is an effective way to remove older stains and breathe life back into your carpet. Use Pro-Tek cleaner – appropriately diluted – in any carpet cleaning machine for best results.

Do’s of a carpet cleaning machine:

  • Vacuum first
  • Pretreat high-traffic areas where carpet is most stained
  • Turn on ceiling fans to help carpet dry faster
  • Avoid walking on cleaned carpet until completely dry

Don’ts of a carpet cleaning machine:

  • Forget to check the water tank and empty as needed during cleaning session
  • Use the carpet cleaner for other types of flooring
  • Put carpet cleaning machine away with formula still in tank
  • Put carpet cleaning machine away without cleaning the brushes

Extend the life of your carpet or revive it with the appropriate care. Removing stains with the best carpet cleaning product will keep your home clean and the air clear for your family.

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