For something invisible, appreciation is a powerful force.

You may not be able to see it, but you sure can feel it. Gratefulness is formidable. A thankful attitude has physical effects in your body: lowered blood pressure, improved mood, boosted digestion, slowed aging, and strengthened immune system. Good medicine with no side effects!

Just like the body, our minds thrive on counting blessings. Thankfulness tunes our brains just like a radio dial to see positive things and generate solutions that otherwise remain elusive. Have you experienced that? Just being around someone genuinely ticking off a gratitude list softly invites you to your own thankfulness.

Thankfulness can even be a real-life superpower of sorts, effecting measurable changes in the external world. Dr. Masaru Emoto, for example, was famous for his studies showing the fascinating effect of PMA on two sets of water samples, one blessed by a Tibetan Buddhist monk; the other, cursed by an angry person. Frozen and placed under a microscope, the blessed water formed symmetrical, intricate crystalline snowflakes. The cursed water formed discolored, misshapen, chaotic shapes. Gives new meaning to saying grace over a meal!

All month long, we here at Pro-Tek have been busy being thankful for the good people all across the country who dedicate their cleaning efforts to excellence AND supporting the health of our planet with Pro-Tek products. Our customers rock! We’re grateful to you.

As our thanks to YOU, be on the look out for our exclusive, customers-only thank you offers coming every month right to your email box. Don’t miss a single one!

Together with you, our loyal Pro-Tek customers, we are effecting real change for our planet and in every day lives. For that, we are so grateful to you.

– Denver, Kandace, Suzi and all of us at the Pro-Tek Clean Team

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