While we’re waiting, check out last year’s winner.

Did you know 99% of the world’s freshwater supply is underground? We like to think underground means protected, but according to last year’s winner of the Stockholm Water Prize, Dr. John Cherry, that’s far from true. Cherry’s “ground-breaking” science is helping world water leaders develop programs to protect our earth’s groundwater water supply for millions of people, and we think he’s a cool guy. (And cherry Pro-Tek is our most popular seller!)

You don’t have to be an award-winning scientist to be an earth hero. Every time you clean with eco-friendly, water safe Pro-Tek, you are keeping the earth’s water free from contaminants that poison people and animals.

Clean water is just one of the ways you’re an earth hero when you make any online purchase. Pro-Tek donates 1% of all online proceeds to charities that support the health of the planet.

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