9 Green Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mother Will Love, Even If You Wait Until the Last Minute

With Mother’s Day only a week away, if you still need a gift, you’ve come to the right post. I consider myself something of an expert, being a mom and all. Not only are these gift ideas every mom anywhere would love, they are perfect for Mother Earth, too. Many of them work last minute, if you’re scrambling for time, but if your gift will arrive after Mother’s Day, just mentioning in your card that a special gift is on the way almost makes it seem like Mother’s Day lasts all week long.

  1. Cook. It really doesn’t matter which meal it is, although as a mother I can attest to how wonderful breakfast in bed is, especially if it comes on a tray with the newspaper and some fresh flowers. Purchase local, organic food and prepare it with love. Eating in is greener than going out–plus you avoid all the Mother’s Day crowds. Not sure what to cook? Check out these perfect Mother’s Day recipes.
  2. Bamboo beauty products. They’re everywhere now. Bamboo grows quickly and doesn’t require a lot of water or pesticides, making it one of the most sustainable crops we can grow. It also makes for fantastic skin care.
  3. Green fashion. Clothing production isn’t environmentally-friendly with unsustainable cotton and harsh chemical dyes, and worn out clothing creates a waste nightmare. Treat your mother to a new, high-quality blouse or dress or scarf in an earth tone color that will match just about everything. She’ll be touched at your thoughtfulness.
  4. Make her something. Remember those silly Mother’s Day cards made with macaroni and glitter? Mom still loves something you made yourself. If you’re not already skilled at something crafty, try a local pottery studio where you can paint her a mug or a bowl.
  5. Shop local. Small businesses rely on holiday shoppers, and not just in December. Remember anything from your friendly neighborhood gift store or florist is greener than shipping anything in .
  6. Book her a massage. Need I say more? This one never gets old, and you’ll be giving a local person business. Win win!
  7. Make a butterfly feeder. Or buy one. Butterflies are coming back after a devastating decline, but they still need backyard migration stops for food and shelter. Few things are more satisfying than watching these flying stained glass windows stick out their tongues and sup, then flutter away ready for the next leg of their journeys.
  8. Plant things in her garden. From flowering plants butterflies can’t resist to herbs and veggies she can eat, or a special tree, your mother will love attention to her garden. No grow space outdoors? Check out this kitchen counter grow kit.
  9. Spend time with your mom. Whether it’s a card game, going for a hike, or movie night on the couch, what your mom loves the most is you. Right there. With her. If you live far away, video phone is almost as good.

Was this list helpful? Did you get some ideas? We’d love to hear about it! Upload a photo of your green Mother’s Day celebration to our Facebook page.

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