Here’s a beefy money-saving offer to celebrate!

Exciting news! Pro-Tek™ now carries EarthBreeze™!

I’ve had the honor of being Pro-Tek™’s blog writer for two years, and the commitment this company has to a healthy planet is like no other company I’ve ever worked for before. Pro-Tek™ really, truly, deeply cares. We donate 1% of every online purchase to projects that protect the environment. We’re committed to making eco-friendly products that really perform. Our America’s Most Robust Recycle and Reuse Program has kept 1000 lbs of plastic out of landfills while saving YOU 25%. Pro-Tek™ walks its talk when it comes to protecting the environment.

Walking our talk has led us naturally down the path to an amazing partnership! We just teamed up with…drum roll, please…EarthBreeze™! Hooray!

You’ve seen EarthBreeze™all over Facebook, with good reason. We love this product because it checks off all the boxes: PLASTIC-FREE, 100% biodegradable packaging, and gets your clothes sparkling clean! Pop that polluting plastic detergent jug into recycling for the last time and don’t look back. EarthBreeze™ may look like a tiny little package compared to a huge detergent bottle, because EarthBreeze™ is super concentrated, and each sheet turns into a full load of powerful detergent in the wash cycle.

The only question is, should you try scented or unscented? I like the scented personally, but here’s your chance to try them both. 

Welcome, EarthBreeze™ to the Pro-Tek family of eco-friendly cleaning! To celebrate, buy one get one 50% off now through July 23!

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