Green cleaning supports a healthier environment for your home or business compared to toxic cleaners, but going a step further and introducing concentrated cleaners to your routine promotes sustainability. A biodegradable concentrated cleaner is different from a product you’d pick off the store shelf because you can make the cleaning solution stronger as needed, it saves money over time and it protects our ecosystem by refilling trigger sprays instead of tossing out an empty plastic bottle when you’re done. In addition, concentrated cleaners like Pro-Tek work on a multitude of surfaces, so you reduce the number of cleaners stacked under the kitchen sink.

Adjust Cleaning Strength

Green cleaning doesn’t mean less powerful. The concentrated power in Pro-Tek’s formula allows you to dilute the cleaner as needed for your project. For a product to be sustainable, it needs to reliably clean your surfaces the first time. Repeatedly cleaning or re-washing is a poor use of resources, so utilizing a nontoxic concentrated cleaner allows you to make a more powerful solution when needed. For tough summer jobs – degreasing the grill, cleaning the patio furniture, or rinsing the vinyl siding of your home – you can increase the cleaning power to cut through the dirt and grease with minimal scrubbing.

Saves Money

Last year, the average American family spent about $600 in cleaning supplies for the year. That’s roughly $50 each month on products that, for the most part, have a one-time use and are designed for a specific surface. By comparison, just one gallon of Pro-Tek concentrated cleaner has the power to produce 10 gallons of solution that can be used on most carpets or rugs, outdoor furniture, clothes, dishes, windows, floors, and your kitchen and bathroom. The versatility of a biodegradable concentrate means you don’t need to buy five different cleaners for your home. You can use one safe, effective solution that disinfects without the toxic fumes.


Instead of running to the store to buy yet another bottle of dangerous chemical-based cleaner, simply dilute the appropriate amount of concentrate for the job. You can use a refillable spray bottle, saving a trip to the store and another plastic bottle from the trash. You’ll buy cleaning supplies less often with Pro-Tek concentrated cleaners, but when you do restock, any solution you choose is packaged in recyclable materials. Concentrated cleaner from Pro-Tek creates sustainability through nontoxic ingredients and less waste with product packaging and use.

While the above advantages are important – helping the environment and saving money are always good options – they don’t touch on why Pro-Tek concentrated cleaner is the ultimate choice for your home. Your family’s health is your top priority, and with a biodegradable cleaner, you don’t have to worry about the allergy sufferers or those affected by asthma in your home. Pro-Tek products are designed with non- GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients, creating a safe environment for your family.

Pro-Tek concentrated cleaners offer economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Throughout the production of the cleaners, use and disposal when finished, the products are a good choice for your family, wallet and environment.

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