The term “green” when referring to a lifestyle or cleaning has gained a lot of buzz lately. As we gain more insight into what dangerous chemicals not only do to our health, but also to our planet, there’s more emphasis on creating a lighter eco-footprint with green cleaning and living methods.

So, what is green cleaning? At Pro-Tek, it’s more than a product line; it’s a mission. Green cleaning products do not emit pollutants when used and they’re safe for the environment. Pro-Tek Chemical products focus on creating a safe atmosphere but they’re also packaged in recyclable containers – helping you create a less invasive carbon footprint.

Green cleaning products outdoors

Green cleaning products shouldn’t just be used inside the home, but also in a number of ways that can help you outdoors and in the office. Whether you’re cleaning your grill before the first summer bar-b-que or scrubbing the artillery fungus from your home’s exterior, Pro-Tek’s all-purpose cleaner can handle the job.

If you own a business, a focus on green cleaning will keep your employees healthy while minimizing your business’ ecological footprint. By creating a healthier, productive workforce, you create more revenue and cleaner air for your customers and employees.

Pro-Tek supports clients in a number of professional settings including hospitals, hotels, government, restaurants, golf courses, water treatment and many more. While the diversity of companies that use Pro-Tek has grown, the product and our brand remains committed to offering an efficient product that doesn’t harm the environment.

Why green cleaning is important

Part of what makes green cleaning important to our ecosystem is what’s not included in the formula. Most of the products you’ll find in the supermarket not only contain toxic ingredients, but they’re also filled with synthetic fragrances. While fragrances may not seem as threatening as other toxins, approximately 95 percent of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, according to the Committee on Science & Technology. Petroleum-based chemicals have been linked to dangerous health conditions like cancer, neurological disorders, weakening of the immune system, learning disabilities, allergies, infertility and more.

Using biodegradable all-purpose cleaners free of dangerous synthetic fragrances means you’ll reduce allergies in your home and avoid the risk of much more serious illnesses. Other reasons Pro-Tek is dedicated to making the best green cleaning products include:

  • Green cleaning safe for pets: Our pets are a part of the family – a part that can get messy at times. Use an enzyme-based product for pet stains. Pro-Tek’s eco-friendly version is a 4-strain biological organism that removes stains and odors with active bacteria.
  • Reduce wastes: Green cleaning goes beyond cleaning your home with safe products. It’s also about reducing your household waste and being a contributor to a better ecology. Pro-Tek solutions are distributed in recyclable containers, so you can feel good about using our product, even when the bottle is empty. Pro-Tek also offers reusable spray bottles and other cleaning materials that prevent waste when it’s time to refill product bottles.
  • Reduce pollutants: Pro-Tek recognizes that when we all do our part to prevent toxins and pollutants from being released into the air, we create a better environment for our families and future generations. The best green cleaning products are designed to reduce pollution and create a clean ecosystem while still removing the stains and odors from your home.

Make green cleaning a part of your family’s efforts to create a healthy environment. Your efforts will extend far beyond your home, bettering the ecological relationship we have with the planet by reducing pollution in our water supply, bettering the air-quality and helping avoid illness-causing pollutants.

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